About Jak

Software development
Player/User-centric thinking
Interaction design
Visual arts

This is me

Software development: I mostly work within Unity using C#, but I'm comfortable in any object oriented development environment. For example, I still like to keep up with what's new in iOS and Swift, and occasionally build myself little apps.

Player/User-centric thinking: As a trained game designer, I'm always trying to stay on my toes when thinking about how the end user of my work will interpret it. Whether I'm building games, software, or even code frameworks, putting the user first is a fundamental part of my problem solving mentality.

Interaction design: Highly related to player centric thinking, focusing on interaction design is really my true long term career goal. To me, this is the point of building something: to create interactions that convey emotion. Every interaction can have meaning, and there should be no unintentionally wasted opportunites to create it.

Visual arts: On top of everything else, I still also have a passion for making things look pretty. I'm not a professional visual artist, but I have a keen eye, a strong grasp on fundamentals, and I'm always improving.