A Sign Post

From my perspective, the world is a strange and divided place right now. It seems that facts have given way to factionalism, and it’s hard to see a path towards a future where true collaboration and compromise are possible. This website is a place for me to think these things through in public, with the primary goal of sharpening my ideas using others’ perspectives, and a secondary goal of spreading those sharpened ideas to anyone that they might resonate with.

The starting point for my thoughts will be around a loose set of topics: leadership (focused around values-driven systems and goal-oriented problem solving), as well as truth-seeking and truth-telling. To me, both are essentially the same, and as I explore these topics I hope to either untangle them or reinforce their bond. I also don’t promise to stay on these topics.

This post is short because its purpose is to put a sign post in the ground and point it in the direction I want to move. With a reference point now drawn on the map, I can begin to explore.